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Go to Bed Late

Sleep In

Play Music

Write And Sing

Turn Wood on my Lathe

Work if I want - Relax if I want


Hi, I'm Frank Peters

I grew up in BC, working on farms and ranches and for a short time, blasting stumps in the Queen Charlotte Islands. It was here in a logging camp that I wrote my first song, "Haida Gwaii".

I moved to Central Alberta in the 70's, driving freight truck and hauling cattle. In the 80's, I played and sang in an 'Old Time Western dance band'.  I've been writing songs since I was nineteen and finally got around to recording a CD last year. Otherwise, I've been making a living as a pipeline operator and a systems analyst. I still write and sing a bit, hope to do more entertaining.

Ben Crane helped me with the production on 'fifty miles from nowhere' and he did a pretty fantastic job!