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Peters Road is a short, less than one kilometer long road, that winds down to the old family farm on Vancouver Island. The farm has long since passed on to others, but the Peters Rd. sign is still there.

With PATIENCE, all troubles disappear!

Mom & Dad's Wedding 
Vancouver BC

Picture of Dad and Bonnie (the dog)on the farm around 1958.

I'm Frank Peters,
I grew up on Vancouver & Pender Islands, spent some time in the Chilcoten area of BC, and then in the mid 70's, moved to Alberta .
I have been working with wood as a hobby for the past thirty plus years.
I took to the lathe a few years ago and am always amazed at the colours and designs that magically appear when the wood stops spinning.
Music and song-writing have also been a big part of my life. I love the way a story can be told in 3 to 5 minutes.

Have a look at the gallery in the Wood Shop, visit Etsy and thanks for stopping by. Check out the Invisible Magazine too - it will keep you entertained when you want something much more imaginative than TV.