There gone they've left to where

Who knows?

To a different horizon where the sun

Is no longer the fiery orange that we see in our skys

But blue like the oceans deep.

Where there is no summer just days of fall leaves

Falling to the ground day after day after day.

Where moons rise to fill the skys and constellations

Are warriors of days past.

In a world where elves are no faery tale and springs

Flow down and dragons scream across the skys.

Where bow and arrow are weapons often used and

Guns do not exist.

A place so beautiful it can barely be described

Where oceans flow and rivers run red, where mermaids sun

On rocks of gold and trees tower throughout the land.

Forests filled with magical beings and magi�s roam throughout the land.

Where people lift their hearts to gods who answer prayer.

A land with hero�s where balance is always restored where people

And many other races give their lives for hope and for freedom.

They�ve left us all gone so far away

To a place where dreams come true.

You can follow in their distant footprints of you only believe.

Truly believe in dwarves, elves, dragons, hobbit, kender, gnomes and many other creatures of faery tales.

To a world of magic�

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~