My Autum Happy Place

When I see the leaves fall from the sky.

When I see the frost on the ground in early morn.

When I watch the geese fly to far off places.

When I feel the cold wind flow over my cheeks.

Then I know my time has come.

A season made just for me...full of colours so golden and red.

The scarves come out and sweaters too.

A fire flickers in the cozy light, the kettle whistling in the background.

Nights get cold, yet in our beds with blankets pilled on we sleep through

the night as the winds howl outside our windows.

It is my season it is what I love.

I just wish you were here to see it go by;

To feel the wind on your face, the leaves swirling about, like in fantasia.

I wish I could walk down the street and spin and spin with you laughing and catching me when I fall with dizziness.

Yet I go on and marvel at the beauty knowing that though I can't see you, I know you are there waiting for me.

Waiting for the opportune moment.

So I'll walk out my door and laugh and spin along with the golden leaves

and I'll be happy with or without you.

© ~Lee-Anne Peters~