Home Sweet Home

One day I'll go home

After all the years have gone by

To the places where so many

Memories were made.

I'll look at the house

With the peeling yellow siding

It's tinyness seen by all surrounded

By awful decrepit houses.

The parks have been torn down

By too many injuries.

The streets all seem lifeless

And deadness envelops all.

The town that seemed so huge

And full of life

That could never die,

Has died.

I wont see dark or empty places

But life.

Children playing in the parks

Racing their bikes through out the streets.

Parents sipping cool drinks and chatting

To their neighbours.

Trips to the frosty top

And Chinese food after church.

A town full of life and sunshine

Even when it's raining.

A town where everybody knows everybody else

And hello's wherever you went.

When I go home

After all the long years

The memories of sunshine and life will live on.

Hopefully someday the town

Will live again

And good memories

Will be made.

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~