My Final Day

Today's the day it's officially true.

My life has come to this point Today.

The end is near and today I am dying.

I went to the doctor who told me the truth.

He said,"Lee-Anne your time has come.

The dormant mouse has come out to play

And wreak havoc on your life.

So now you've started to die."

As I sit here in this chair I still recall

With perfect detail what I had believed in my heart.

No cure in sight, so no hope for my life.

No wedding day is in my future and

I'll never follow through with my dreams

And wishes.

Reality has struck me now.

I get up off the chair and walk away,

Out into the raining sky.

And as my feet traverse this pathway I remember

Wanting to die.

When I'd wanted to die I'd lived and now when I want to live

I'll die.

It seems that I never get what I want in life.

I'll tell no one, this day will be like any other.

I'll go to work and say hello to all the people and no one will ever know.

Until one day I'll freak out and say, "I'm dying."

And in the back-round symphony's will play their tragic song,

And in disbelief all the world will know.

Friends and family will flock my phones and I'll have no escape.

But each day I'll get up and breath in and out until the final day.

I'll get up one morning, on a bright and sunny day,

The world at my feet and I'll tell the morning that today I want to die.

I'll go for a walk down by the sea,

And say good-bye to all my friends and family.

I'll enjoy the sunshine and then as evening falls and a blood red sunset

Consumes the skyline I'll walk home for the last time.

I listen to my favorite CD and sing along so quite.

I'll put on my pretty dress and go to my balcony.

I'll stand there and say my last farewell,

And then I'll go to my bed.

I'll take the sleeping pills off the shelf and wash them

Down with water.

Into my heart and into my blood they've already started to work.

I'll read my book until the words get blurry,

And then I'll slip down with my head upon the pillow,

I picture of innocence and peace.

Then my heart will skip a beat and slowly my body will

Fall asleep.

And then my soul will finally be free.

A lifetime of waiting for this very day

So now I'll finally see my mother again.

And far away in a different world my dearest friend and family will wake up

From their sleep, good-bye�

Lee-Anne the Dreamer

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~