The Void

As he stepped into her world

The stars stopped spinning

And the earth was reborn.

From his touch he brought

The galaxy's under his power.

With a look so simple it can

Scarcely be explained.

In a land so far away he crossed

The boundary for just one moment

For the love of his life.

She looked at him and wondered why

This man had come to her.

She'd fallen off the edge of the world

And only he could find her.

As she looked into his eyes

True love was reflected.

Hope sprung through her

And for a moment she had a vision of the future

And then he was gone.

The earth was hushed with no one but herself Left in it.

She'd left their world, and now there's no going back.

In a garden she's all alone.

And in his world he watches the people go by.

He had a chance to see her once more and no

Love however deep can bring her back from the void.


Lee-Anne the Impossible

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~