Infinity Conquers

As the world passed by her feet she stopped

And stared as the days went by.

She saw the people from her childhood days.

Distant faces of cousins rarely seen;

Memory's of ice cream, swimming at the lake, pies over the fire,

and ice cold lemonade.

So long ago;yet in her memory they are her now.

All she has is the past to keep her company through

The night.

Voices in front of her faded eyes as she hears the remnants

Of a song.

Past or present she can't even tell.

Then she thinks of the days of old jumping off bridges,

Falling in love, getting high for the very first time.

She sees her sister standing with child

And joy she's never experienced.

Her brother the most amazing of people who always made her smile

With a voice to charm the most cold of people.

Then a friend so true they stuck together through everything

From funerals to weddings to drunken nights spent playing trivial pursuit.

And little does she know that the one singing

Is the same friend who stayed true.

Then she thinks to her father a man so wonderful,

He raised her well to become a woman yet even he

Can do no more.

Left to sing to his daughter just like he did to his wife before


Then all is blurry and she can�t comprehend anything anymore.

No memories no present

She can't remember who she even is

And then she'll fade away till nothings left.

And all you'll have is the memories of me.

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~