As the sky turns dark the devil sings

From his heart an age old song of fire and hell beyond.

He'll take you through his bloodied

Mind and you'll cling to him as he changes the mold.

As the sparkle leaps far above the trees

Images of birds fleeing through the woods

Haunt your memory.

From far above to high below through the darkened sky.

In the beginning and in the end the sound stays the same.

True to the beasts that fall through the clouds.

Stampeding along in the twisted rhyme.

To where they know but neither do I as I run I feel

The sky.

Burn me now at let it be seen for now is the time for


From worlds above and around the seabirds sing to the angels

Of hell they trumpet to strays.

Come along oh yes follow me,

To a place of harmony of spinning boats and majesty.

From the days old rhythm

The flutes call above.

For it is early and in the morn no one sees the fleeing birds.

No one sees them follow me off and away to a place so free.

So off we go spin and float up and away to life beyond

Our simple world�

  Lee-Anne the Cutest not killer in the world

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~