It used to mean the world to me,

To hear those sacred words.

Sung with a lovers caress.

Of god and leaving the world without

the one who means everything to me.

I used to feel God above.

But now he's gone and I am left to pray

to a goddess of life.

She is my god, she is my mother.

Above she ever watches me and as I fight

She wills me to prevail.

No more God, no more Christ just images of angels

falling from the sky,

For they are not in my world.

As I hear him croon a love song for his god above

I am disconnected from them now in a different world.

For I am here and living life as myself and they follow a

God who abandons them.

So little they know,

But I know the truth and She will be ever watchful of me.

And She will be there through everything.

So now I am separated from the girl I used to be.

I follow no one but myself now.


Lee-Anne the Momentful

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~