A Lament for Yesterday

I remember fondly the memories of my childhood,

A star shinning on a black night

as the coyote's howled in the distance.

Ribbons of sky painted fiery reds and pinks

With horses made of cloud galloping along the horizon.

Fence posts so strong,

bearing the weight of a thousand thunderstorms.

Lightning struck the ground and fire bursted forth.

Sheep lazily moved past with young riders on their back.

Lakes filled with shimmering trout and boats passing above.

Berries for eating and making with pancakes on lazy morns.

I can still smell the wood smoke curling through the frosty air

As we skated across the pond.

Games we created as we ran wild through the brush.

We were pirates and thieves building our forts in the sturdiest trees.

Barn dances spent hiding in the loft

mocking our siblings down below.

Music and music filled my world,

From country to folk and a little bit o' rock and roll.

We were kings of the world ruling our land

Or spies following whomever we could.

Cross country skiing across the deep snow.

Catching frogs and climbing trees as we flew around on our bicycles,

The cars of youth.

We lived and breathed in a different world where the cares of adults didn't harm us.

We were undefeatable.

And as a look back now I realize how much we've all changed,

From children to men and women.

Did any of us ever expect to become the people we are.


We never saw what we had coming and now

I dream of being a child once more.

To be free, to be everything.

Lee-Anne the Chanceful

� by ~Lee-Anne Peters~