Dream Land

For in a time in a world

As the earth softly made it.

A shimmer of hope and a dash of peace.

Come hence to inner light as

The essence is in turmoil.

Soft as petals from the stem

Of a lily so white.

It is crystal flowing into the oceans clear and

As stunning as sea elves sunning on a glorious rock.

From the rays of the sun as it shoots through the sky.

The embodiment of all that is light

And sweetly reveres the truth of the Land.

In earth song from glory it fades

As a tune that catches young maids.

Through field and meadow to a land of harps.

Where peace and serenity flow like the dams.

It is exquisite and lovely

From the place of happy tears.

There is no pain or sad lullaby's

To hold close on lonely nights.

Only laughter and smiles at it flits

Through your mind.

In a waking dream of honeysuckles

And the flittering of wings so golden and blue.

It is a whisper of song and shinning

Leaves swirling along.

Through woods filled with emerald mosses

That light your way

On the darkest of nights it is full of bright lights.

For it is, if you must know a place in your heart

Where magic unfolds.

Lee-Anne the Sighful

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~