Lying in the wake of a blissful storm.

My heart stops beating it's fallen silent.

I am lost in a world of shrouded rainbow light.

Colours attack me in burst of shapes it fills me with nothing.

For I am gone I see my body brusied and torn.

Lying on a beach of rocks the birds slowly stock towards my empty shell,

As the gods fortold on they day of my birth.

I was destined for this. This massacre could not be stopped.

I'd sailed away on wings so high, across the icy blue to warmer

Lands beyond the edge of our world.

I was the hero off on a quest and voyage.

The world was waiting upon my return.

A woman so lovely nothing could compare.

Yet I have failed and only an empty ship of bones

Will come into the harbour mouth with the whales singing

Songs of my death.

Beyond the farthest memory my soul now soars.

Up and away on a new adventure full of spirits of old.

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~