I Hurt

I feel the tears fall down my face as i clutch my head in my hands

the pain that shoots through me kills every part of me so slowly.

Day one, day two, how many days do i have to go through

the never ending pain.

Nights spent dreaming of you taken so far away.

A crowd I see of all who've left us all and i just want my day to come

so right away.

I've loved and lost and can't wait till i hold you in my arms once more.

The light from my life was taken on a rainy night with the sounds of

screaming in the air.

Mine it took and that was not the end.

You've taken all I've loved and will again and again till

i join them finally.

So slowly i feel the death ebbing through my soul

and my body.

It won't be long i promise you this

till it's me that everyone will sing for along

the rocky beach.

It'll be me that you'll hold in your hearts and bring joy in

knowing that i dont hurt anymore.

my company waiting for me will be great and

Oh how i wish that will come sooner than it may.

I'll love you through it all,

through it all.


Lee-Anne the drowning

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~