Into the Heart of All

In a meadow in a dream there's a place for us all

into the stars through the eons of galaxy's

there's a place for us all.

I can see you in the wind in the waves

that stumble and whirl.

I loved you so much and now your free

as the daisy glowing in the spring dawning.

A fireball shoots through the hand of time

in a little girls hands the earth will follow it's rhyme.

Into you into me I see and felt

the golden unicorn spritz away as the dancers

on the path fly and flee with a crazed abandon.

you are my heart and my head and as i see you

fling your pulsing globe

into the hands of those who wait for you.

A deer grazes and lifts her head and in her

eye you can see all of the world

through one or through many we all beat

with one heart in one eternity.

watching and waiting is he the light of the

worlds gone by.

through little ones in the sky's above

the cloud part and the dragons

swoop and encompass all.

he is ever waiting for us and for you and

when the time is right and our candles are

blown out out we will be one with him again.


Lee-Anne the Wondrous

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~