My Waking Dream

I walk out my door and stumble into the dark

My eyes adjust to the star filled night.

My feet walk the familiar path down the cobblestone

Road between the meadows of swaying grass.

The moon�s aglow with a holy light for tonight is

A night for magik.

The moon is full and I can hear the roar of the sea getting louder.

I walk over the crest of my hill and can see the ocean

Bathed in the moons light.

The waves are crashing in to the rocks scattered

Upon the sandy beach.

As I reach the sand a slight breeze sways my nightgown

And it ripples in the night.

The air is humming with magick

I can feel it it�s that strong.

As my feet take me to the waters edge I look out

To the horizon and can see all of eternity.

In this moment the world is forever.

For it will be in my heart in every life I live.

I lift my hands as I fall to my knees in reverence for the one

Who made this land.

They are neither male nor female they are everything yet nothing

Called be many names.

The creator of my world.

Then I hear a yowl.

My cat has jumped onto my bed.

I look around my room

The dream still in my head.

Yet I swear I can smell the sea on my nightgown

And there are grains of sand upon my floor.

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~