I'll Try

It hurts to breath

I can't move my hands and my legs are paralyzed.

I'm finally slowly dying

A whole life in the making You have decided to take.

I don't want to die.

To never see another sunset

Or to hold my children's hand.

I wanted to love and I wanted to live.

But unfortunately the choice ain't mine.

For some reason, you make the decisions in this life.

Maybe with you it will all be better.

No more pain;

No more tears;

No more lonely nights with only you by my side.

Why you must take me...

I'll never know but I'll do my best to trust in you.

I wont be perfect and I may fail

But I'll try to love you if you keep them safe.

They were there for me through the good and the bad

and I couldn't be here while any of them...

Slowly died.

So take me if you must

But keep everyone else in your loving arms.

Please, for me?

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~