I am me.

I am 5'1".

I have short brown hair.

I have blue eyes.

I am 15 years old.

I am loud.

I am annoying.

I am energetic.

I am really stupid sometimes.

I make people laugh.

I make people cry.

I am a wimp.

I don't know anything about sports.

I am slightly guy crazy.

I embarrass myself.

I embarrass other people.

I've gone through good times,

And bad times.

I hate myself sometimes.

I am not liked by most guys.

I'm guy repellent.

I feel sorry for myself.

I feel what you say,

Though I might not show it.

I don't like to be told,

"You look like your twelve."

I don't like it when:

People disrespect their parents

People use issues to get guys

People I don't even talk to diss me

In front of my face.

I don't like being so unique.

I often wish I wasn't me.

I don't like to be ignored.

I am who I am and I always Will be.

There is nothing I can do about what

Others say and do,

But I can try to be the best ME

That I can be.

And nothing others say will make

Me change who I am.

© by ~Lee-Anne Peters~