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Couple Inches Rain


Through those years of dusty pain, the wind would whistle 'cross the plains.

And the clouds would scurry low across the sky.

But they never dropped their load on us dry folks below

And the sun would burn; we'd have to shade our eyes.

It was early in the spring the flood gates opened once again

And the heavens poured their healing on the land.

By summer we all knew, that the drought was good and through.

As we sailed across our fields of drowned plans.


And I only needed one drop of water,

only wanted couple inches rain.

But I often wonder why, when my prayers were answered,

why did he have to flood the whole damn plains.(place)


Now I got swamp-rats living in the basement;

And those black beasts are growing in the walls

Two by two little crawly things are coming

And this ark will be a floating come the fall



I don't want to tell the Good Lord his business

and I don't want to be a seeming to complain,

But the next time I fall down, upon my knees I pray.

He won't turn all my tear drops into rain!



why did he have to flood the whole bles-sed plains.

(c) Francis H Peters Oct 26, 2010

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