Ben Crane - Drums, Bass, Hammond, Telecaster

Frank Peters- Vocals

Hoot Owl

One morning in the early spring I was looking in the bush beside the cabin and I saw a little owl sitting on a branch of a poplar tree. As I watched, she suddenly took a dive into the snow and came up with a mouse. This was pretty cool to watch and then I thought of all the stories that I had read that had owls in them; ‘Tom Sawer’ and ‘Huck Fin’, ‘I Heard The Owl Call my Name’, and I thought of how Owls are often seen as harbingers of death. I also remembered the day my dad died when I was six years old. I tried to make a collage of it all in this song.

Key of E – Bluesy   E/A7/E/A7    Break E/G/A7/E


Hoot Owl gliding in the twilight. Sets in yonder tree.

Hoot Owl starin’ in the window; an I swear she’s a lookin’ for me.

Oh I ain’t ready to go son, No I ain’t made my peace.

But the Hoot Owl’s starin’ in the window and she’s starting to frighten me.


Many years ago when I was a young lad playing by the apple tree.

A great grey owl came swooping down and stole my pa from me.

We didn't hear her come and we didn't hear her go; She struck so silently.

But I can hear her now, hootin’ in the night and I know she's a callin' for me.


Hoot Owl gliding in the twilight; shadows cast by the moon.

Hoot Owl callin' in the midnight; calling out my doom.


Come daybreak if I’m still a part of the earth-bound family.

Gonna grab an axe and gonna grab saw and I’m gonna take down that tree.

Hoot Owl out in the back yard. Sitting in a yonder tree.

I don’t like her  starin’ in the window; sucking my soul from me.


Break - E/G/A7/E


Pinkish sky in the morning, Pretty sunrise for me.

Buzzing of the bees and the  buzzing of the saw, and the Hoot Owl’s she’s sitting by the eave.

Oh I ain’t ready to go son; no won’t you please let me be!

But that Hoot Owl’s starin’ in my eyes now, and my heart give a frightful squeeze.


I ain’t ready to go, No no no no, I ain’t made my peace.

But the sky turned black (stop). In the shadow of the shack (stop)

And I see e-ter-nity.


©Francis H Peters Jan 15, 2012 ‾ SOCAN