Johnny’s So Long At The Fair

Johnny picked up his bucket and jar of iced tea

Said, “I’m off to the fairgrounds. Don’t wait up for me.”

Johnny works on the big wheel that stretches so high

Carrying thrill seekers up to the sky.

And Jaqui awoke from her sleep with a start

The panic arose in her throat from her heart.

The silence so loud, from someone not there

Johnny’s so long at the fair.


And It’s oh dear what can the matter be

Oh dear, what’s happened to you and me

Oh dear, tell me what can the matter be?

Johnny’s so long at the fair.

Her mind saw the crash of the big Ferris Wheel

And him pinned to the ground midst the wood and the steel

She prayed to the heavens, “Lord please keep him safe.”

Why’s Johnny so long at the fair?

She threw on her cloak and she kerchief’d her hair

Made her way out in the misty night air

She shook the axe from the block by the lane

Should she’d need it to help free her man.


It was dark as she stumbled her way to the fairgrounds

And pictures enveloped her mind; she was spellbound

In her heart she knew that the silence was all wrong

Why is Johnny’s so long at the fair!

And the moon it broke through; left shadows of girders

And there wrapped in shadows, her unspoken fears.

All tangled in love’s embrace; she’ll cut him free

Oh, Johnny’s so long at the fair.

Oh, Johnny’s so long at the fair.

Yes, Johnny’s so long at the fair.

© 2010 Lyrics by ~Francis (Frank) H. Peters~ Music – Traditional

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