Nick of Tricks

An Inspirational tune

It's Nick of tricks from the River Styx that keep us on the highway narrow

It's Nick of tricks from the River Styx that keep us flying as an arrow.

If reward for good was all there was, we'd be in quite a fix.

So it's Nick of tricks from the River Styx, that keep us doing our best.


When I was young we'd sit in church and listen to the preacher.

He'd shout and yell and warn of hell, just like a deranged teacher.

And life back then was black & white, and we were all God's creatures

But if we failed we knew we'd slide, and burn there in the bleachers.




I was hitched to Mary Lou, and she was quite a catch

Then Susie Q, she sashayed by; our eyes they locked and flashed.

I'd have gone where'ere she led, I was mesmerised.

Then an inner voice said you'll burn hell if you so much as try.




I was surfing down the internet, free and quite secure.

When a sign I saw said triple X; "Come on in my dear."

I was just about to click inside, when a voice inside my head.

Said remember Son, what happens now, you pay for when you're dead.




All good things must one day end and I was in my casket.

And I'm sure I heard somebody say, It's a mighty fine hand-basket.

But I cruised right through those pearly gates, and I was not surprised.

'Cause Jesus bought my entrance fee while Nick was telling lies.




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Copyright © Francis H Peters - February 27, 2012

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