Ben Crane - Drums, Bass, Guitar

Bruce Hoffman - Fiddle

She Loves Vince

Definitely a true story with a wee bit of creative licence! My x had a overactive infatuation for a certain country music star! John and I felt it was only right to immortalize the tale!


We’d been married some years and happy it seemed,

The kids were growin’up and we’d realized some dreams.

We went to Las Vegas to see the bright lights.

Ever since then, things haven’t been right.

And I’m convinced, ———- She loves Vince.


We pulled a few arms, raised a few toasts,

saw a few shows compliments of our hosts.

But there was one show that we never should’a seen.

‘cause my wife was instilled with impossible dreams.

It makes me wince, ———— She loves Vince.




She’s always on the web I think he’s gone to her head,

She’s got his poster pinned right up above our bed.

She said somethin’ one day ‘bout meeting her prince

It’s a sorry situation but I think, ———- she loves Vince.


When the relations get together in the middle of the year;

And when they all ask me why my wife is not here;

I’ll have to tell the truth, Oh the words I can’t mince,

She’s run off to Nashville to meet, to meet Vince.



It’s time to end my story, let life run it’s way.

What will be, will be, what else can I say.

And if she don’t come home, I’d feel like a louse.

‘cept for this thing I’ve got for Alison, ———–


I’m always on the web I thinks she’s gone to my head,

I got her poster pinned right above the bed.

Said somethin’ one day ‘bout meeting my Queen

It’s a sorry situation but I guess, —— She’s my dream!

Who hoo hoo, My bluegrass queen…

La de de da, my bluegrass dream!

© Feb. 27,1999 by ~Francis (Frank) H. Peters & John Gorham~