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Thank you, thank you, thank you! In my line of work I often have to  ‘think outside the box’. I have usually found this extremely difficult to do. Now that I have subscribed to the Invisible Magazine, the ideas just keep coming! This is amazing. I would recommend this magazine to anyone. And the free gift you sent is something special that we will always treasure!
Thanks again

IM: Thank you, glad you enjoy it!
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please cancel my subscription to the Invisible Magazine! I find I am constantly having  obscene thoughts of carnal sex and other deviant behaviour.  I am often looking at the boys choir and well...I was so hoping to be able to enjoy this but in my line of work....
I am returning the gift as the reminders are just too painful!

Reverend, James Black
IM: I’m really sorry to hear  you did not have a better experience with the Invisible Magazine! I strongly suggest you seek counselling! Remember, the editor is you.

Hello, Just a short note to let you know how much I like the Invisible Magazine. The other day I was knitting in front of the television when it occurred to me that I had bought a subscription to  your magazine. I got up right then and there and shut the television off  and sat back down with my knitting and the magazine. Let me tell you, “This is the first time I have been able to enjoy both my knitting and the wonderful stories.” without all the filth that I had been watching. I saw pictures of my late husband and there were even a couple of our son that we lost in Vietnam many years ago. Thank you again and you will be hearing from me shortly when I order some gift subscriptions.
Mrs. Dorothy Peabody

IM: Thank you for the very nice letter, glad you enjoy the Invisible Magazine. Don’t forget, when you order the gift subscriptions your friends also will receive a free gift and a subscription card!

What a load of crap!!!!!!!
IM: There's no telling where folks will read the Invisible Magazine.

This is a great public service you provide! We used to have our officers gathering at diners and donut shops across the county. Since we purchased subscriptions to the Invisible Magazine, the officers spend a lot more time patrolling. Some side benefits are; the collective weight of our organization has dropped, the officers have more initiative, revenues have increased and the officers just seem smarter!
Thank you
Sargent Presley
IM: Glad to be able to do our part.
You may have heard of me. I was in the papers a lot a few years ago. I've been reflecting on some of the stories in the Invisible Magazine and I believe that some of the articles about me are wrong! I was framed! I didn't do half the things the Invisible Magazine said I did. And even some of the things that I did do were only in self defence. Take for instance the fella they said I drowned. If I haden't held his head under water he would have kept coming after me.
Prisoner #169355
IM: Prisoner #169355, We will give you a free subscription for 99 years if you promise to stay where you're at.

Dear Invisible Magazine,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy the Invisible Magazine.

Last Sunday I was in church and that nosey busybody Betty Lou who sits in the pew behind me...well! I declare! She had the nerve to tell me I was a gambler!!! I have never gambled in my life! I don't play the lotteries and I don't play bingo... no sir! I am a straight upright Christian and I told her so! She quietly said, “you have insurance don't you?” Well of course I have insurance. She said, “then you are a gambler! “ Well...I went straight home after the service....”didn't even stop for tea.” Sat down in my favourite wing back chair and meditated on the Invisible Magazine. I couldn't believe it! She was right! I am a gambler. The insurance companies say, “Don't gamble with your future, buy our insurance.” but what they are really saying is. Bet that you will have a disaster and you will win if you buy our insurance! I could not believe it. They actually wanted me to give them my money so they could give it back if I ever had a claim. Then they put a bunch of conditions in place so that the likely hood of having to pay it back was negligible. The greedy bastards! I can't believe that there are companies out there that want something for nothing and not only that.....they want to send you to hell for gambling!

I do so enjoy the Invisible Magazine!


IM: Dear Mary, Thank you for your note. As you very well know, we touch on all subjects! Take care and keep informed.
Hey Invisible Magazine! Bet you can't guess what I'm doing, hey hey hey;)
IM: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dear IM, A note from the Creator,

I was listening to an article the other day about how folks that do crosswords and other mind expanding activities seem to have a later onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  They also said that people who learned and used two languages also showed a later onset. This got me to thinking and reflecting on The Invisible Magazine. I wonder if the increased prevalence of  Alzheimer’s disease isn't due to the mind numbing daily use of television. I also wonder if anyone has done a study to determine if there is a correlation between the usage of television and the onset or even the disease itself.
Just to be on the safe side, don't turn on the TV. Click on the link to order The Invisible Magazine! and keep your mind active!
IM: We're not saying we prevent disease, but we're not saying we don't either!
So Folks, If you haven't ordered it yet. Now is the time to order your subscription to The Invisible Magazine or buy several subscriptions for your friends. We always send a free gift to the recipient of the gift subscription!
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