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Sorry, not making these anymore because Mr. Harper has decided that the magnets are too dangerous for children. Like mercury, lead, video games - video games...oops he hasn't figured the most dangerous one out yet!!
These trains make lasting gifts for your children or grandchildren. Even when the kids have out grown them, they look good up on the shelf and help you remember the time when the children were small.

Each piece is cut from pine, then drilled, shaped and assembled. I use a bandsaw and sanders to free-hand shape the cars, so no two are exactly alike although some may be similar. The rolling stock is made from hardwood axles & wheels. The cars are attached to each other by small magnets which are screwed and cemented in place. The cars are then lettered and finished with two coats of a non-toxic coating.

  • The magnets are installed with screws and cement and shouldn't come loose however; read warning below
  • Each set consists of; the Engine and 3 cars with your choice of lettering and sells for $80.00.
  • Extra cars with lettering on the same order are $15.00 each. This does not include the engine.
  • Shipping and handling are extra.
  • Warning:
  • These have small parts and magnets.
  • Please check the cars frequently when small children are playing with them and repair or dispose of any with loose parts
  • Because magnets attract and repel depending on the pole direction, the cars are only guaranteed to attach as the name is spelled.
  • Please click on Contacts for more information or to order.
  • Note if I ever do create more of these they will be made with hooks and eyes instead of magnets.