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Hi, I’m Frank Peters,

I like to play with wood but mostly I love turning wood. I enjoy working with native and local woods from central Alberta; Poplar, Manitoba Maple, Birch, Mtn. Ash, Willow etc. and seeing what magic spins out of them. I use some exotics too but mostly for feature parts.

Natural edge bowls, Salad bowls, Urns, Stash Boxes, Magic Wands and Ornaments are some of my creations. Lately, I’ve been playing with colour and have found a method to enhance the natural wood. This is making for some very interesting items.

I especially like making Cremation Urns for people and pets. I'm not a big believer in dressing to impress, but there are some times in life and death when you just need to make a statement. At your final public appearance, it's nice to dress up a little. Wood is warm, beautiful and unique and says something special about the resident. You can pre-purchase and influence the design of the urn. 

I know I'm giving away secrets but I have created mine and use it to store spare change in. When my time comes, there should be enough for a party. Also, I can almost guarantee that if the house is broken into, the spare change will not be touched. 

I’m a past member of the Calgary Woodturners guild and a current member of the Lacombe Woodworkers guild.


Frank H. Peters 




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