Dear Mister Trump,

Let me introduce myself. I’m a disinterested Canadian bystander watching the political situation in your, “not-so-great, USA. (I understand this to be not-so-great because you want to make it grate or great again) One of the more contentious items that has been in the news lately, is your desire to keep people out of the USA that come from specific countries in the Middle East. I can understand your fear and angst against the people of these countries. I too have spent many hours watching NCIS and other US produced entertainment. Some of this fiction is downright scary!

I would advise that the supreme court should take your concerns seriously. In fact to be completely safe, I would have the supreme court ban any travel into or out of the USA to any country that has Muslim or Islam followers, and I would not limit it to 90 days but to at least 365 days. You wouldn’t want to have your folks travelling to other countries for indoctrination by other cultures.

So with this in mind, here’s the deal. I’m thinking that you may be able to have regularly scheduled flights to Greenland; but maybe not because Greenland is a protectorate of Denmark which has a 3% Muslim population. This does limit your tourist industry but for the safety of your people, it is a small sacrifice to pay. Also, due to the possibility of contraband products, all trade should also be suspended. I do a lot of cross-border shopping, Amazon and others, so this will definitely impact me. It will also severely impact my finances, but this isn’t about finances is it? No it is all about safety! So, the countries banned:



Most of the Caribbean

Russia and Russian controlled countries

the UK

All of the European countries

all of the South American countries


African countries

All countries from the Mid-East



Scandinavian Countries


It may be easier to list the acceptable countries but you WILL need to do your due diligence:



Vietnam – but not sure on this one

North Korea – With another like minded, frightened leader, I think you’ll get along fine!

There may be others but check with North Korea because they have probably already done the homework on this.



Now in Canada,  we’ve run into this scenario before so I would suggest a 5 day grace period so you don’t wind up with planes up in the air. Just in case though, send lots of money to Newfoundland and Labrador so they can continue to provide host services for stranded US passengers. They are very good at this although there does seem to be a bit of cultural exchange from North to south. Anyway, a year from now the passengers should have absorbed some screech and may be a little mellower.

Just a little aside – we will probably be shutting the oil and Natural gas pipelines and stopping all shipments of water from Nestli. ( the bottles can’t be carried through airport security anyway)


So, as a proud neighbour, I’m happy to advise.



PS  Thinking about the wall….that might not be a bad idea but let’s give it a little more thought.

PPS, The Canadian government has not approved this communication. Reader beware!
(C) Francis H Peters 2017/02/12