Wishing Well

A Slide show of Lee-Anne Peters drawings to the tune of Wishing Well.

Lee-Anne was 25 when this was written and had Huntington’s Disease. She passed on August 14 of 2015 at the age of nearly 30. If you desire, please pass on a donation to the Huntington Society of Canada in her memory. Thank You

Lee-Anne also has poetry on Petersroad.com


  1. Lesley Jackson says:

    hi there just wondering if you ever worked up at douglas lake ranch, or gang ranch?

    • Francis Peters says:

      Hi, I was reading a book Cowboys, Good Times and Wrecks by Pat Ferguson. He mentions another me, “Frank Peters” in the book. Hope this helps.

  2. Very nicely done Bro and Lee-Anne
    Good combo with music and graphics
    Love you all
    Big Bro

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