The Ol’ Cowboy says

Well… I read what others have written on some of the social media sites. Some thoughts from some people are warm fuzzies, while others are thoughtless complaints, with imagined insensitive in-sight into what others may or may not be thinking.
I left my home at a young age, as countless others have done throughout time. I moved to a different province, found new friends, lived my life differently than the rest of the family, but at no time did I think that my family had abandoned me! I was the one who moved on. We all knew that if things got tough we could write or call for moral support or advice or we could go and find a couch to crash on until we got back on our feet. We were also pretty confident there wouldn’t be any monetary help because we also knew that each of us had our own lives, families, significant others, etc. and that those situations took precedence over sibling desires.
Now with social media, we are able to thoughtlessly reach out to everyone and air our displeasure with other people without having a clue as to what might be happening in their lives. This I believe is the greatest down side to social media.
The Invisible Magazine is the unsocial media, where we may quietly reflect on daily happenings without disturbing others. More people should subscribe.
Here are a couple of old cowboy sayings:
1. It’s often better to keep silent and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
2. Be careful of the words you use. Keep ‘em soft and sweet, for you’ll never know from day today which ones you’ll have to eat.
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